Dazzle DVC 100 Drivers

A few months ago I started to capture all of my old family videos from miniDV and Hi8 tapes to my computer. To do this I bought the Dazzle DVD Recorder HD VHS to DVD Converter, my device is the DVC 100 specifically. In the box it comes with a version of Pinnacle Studio and a license key. At first I started to use this on my Dad’s computer but then to save time I brought everything home. I lost the key to Pinnacle Studio so I tried to just plug and play the Dazzle on my laptop but that didn’t work. I had to install the drivers but Dazzle doesn’t do that best at distributing a good working driver. I first tested out going to their driver page here. I scoured the internet for a few days and couldn’t find a link to the drivers from anywhere on the internet. Then, I realized that I still had the Pinnacle Studio CD and I popped it into my laptop searched through the DVD contents and found the drivers just sitting there in plain site.

I ran the drivers as an Administrator and boom! Everyting worked, I opened up OBS added a video source and the Dazzle capture card was there. Everything worked perfectly and I could capture anything I wanted!

Download DVC 100 Drivers